Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, artist Chandler Ford always had a passion for drawing and illustrating growing up. Inspired by her father’s artistic talent, she would insist that he draw her skunks and unicorns before being dropped off at kindergarten. She loved attending art class where she was encouraged to sculpt, paint, and make fanciful creations out of mixed mediums. 
As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, Chandler was heavily influenced by Disney and Don Bluth animation. During the early 00’s, the onset of Internet culture spiraled into a passion for web development and the influx of Japanese animation. She was captivated by Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing, dreaming of one day becoming an anime artist.
Time passed and passions once reserved for art and drawing gave way to film, science fiction, and cult cinema. She moved to Los Angeles to earn her bachelor’s degree at the University of Southern California. Additionally she earned her legal degree at the University of Memphis, graduating with honors. But California beckoned, and she returned to make her home in sunny Los Angeles.
In 2013, Chandler made the conscious decision to pursue art professionally. She explores sexuality and popular media through an artistic lens while honing her skills with practice and observation. Chandler continues to be inspired by feminine strength and beauty embodied in burlesque, fetish, and cyberpunk aesthetics. She attends comic conventions several times a year to sell her artwork and connect with the comic and entertainment industry. The artist resides in Los Angeles with her Scottish Terrier.
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