Chandler Ford is a fine artist and published comic illustrator. Originally hailing from Memphis, TN, the artist earned their BFA from USC in Los Angeles and went on to earn a JD law degree. Spending most of her adult life in LA, Chandler focused on expanding their fine art practice while attending national comic conventions annually. Like many during the global pandemic, Chandler embraced the unknown and set sail (literally) for Mexico with her partner, a lifelong sailor. She enjoys dabbling in photography and design while traveling around the world.
Selected Exhibitions & Publications:
-Valiant Entertainment, "Livewire" Issue 12 Variant Cover, November 2019
-The Hive Gallery Los Angeles, "Robot Dreams," December 2019
-The Hive Gallery Los Angeles, "Hive Tarot 11," January 2020
-The Hive Gallery Los Angeles, "Rising Stars of LA Pt2" Featured Artist, October 2020
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