Chandler Ford (she/they) is a fine artist and published illustrator from Los Angeles. A USC alum, the artist earned her undergraduate degree in Communication as well as her J.D. Chandler tabled at national comic conventions for many years before diving into oil paints and resin work. As a queer and disabled person, the artist is passionate about LGBTQIA2S+ advocacy, disability awareness, and kink acceptance. They enjoy photography and design projects when not painting.
Chandler works with her domestic partner Koa on their software venture Right Alignment. Their free iOS app Dvn8 connects users to their intuition through divination techniques such as tarot and the I Ching.
Selected Exhibitions & Publications:
-Valiant Entertainment, "Livewire" Issue 12 Variant Cover, November 2019
-The Hive Gallery Los Angeles, "Robot Dreams," December 2019
-The Hive Gallery Los Angeles, "Hive Tarot 11," January 2020
-The Hive Gallery Los Angeles, "Rising Stars of LA Pt2" Featured Artist, October 2020
-Every Day Original Gallery, "Newbie November," November 2021
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