How long did it take you to do that?
I’m bad about sitting down and timing myself to completion on a piece, and I tend to take lots of little breaks, so it varies. I can spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes on a sketch or up to 48+ collective hours working on a very large and detailed piece.
What materials do you use?
I work both digitally and traditionally. Digital pieces are generally done in Procreate on an iPad Pro or in Photoshop CC. Traditional mediums I prefer include oil paint and resin, gouache and pencils when doing original sketches, and anything glittery.
Did you go to art school?
No. I took high school art classes and have attended select life drawing courses, but I am largely self taught. I honed my skills over many years and continue to grow and learn by observing the natural world and other artists from whom I draw inspiration.
How long have you been drawing?
I’ve been drawing my whole life, but have had lapses in time wherein I wasn’t necessarily pursuing art. In 2013 I decided to pursue art professionally.
Do you take commissions?
Yes! However, I reserve the right to refuse service and/or decline any commission I’m uncomfortable with or just don’t feel like taking :) For freelance/custom art inquiries please email me at
How much does that cost?
Costs of commissions and freelance work vary depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of time I anticipate spending on completion. Please contact me for a custom quote.
Where can I purchase artwork from you in person?
Prior to COVID-19, I typically attended comic conventions 2-3 times a year and took on site commissions as well as selling pre-made prints and other items. Conventions I’ve attended in the past include WonderCon, Anime Expo, Emerald City Comic Con, Rose City Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, and Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, my online shop has closed for the time being and I am not currently attending in-person conventions. Keep an eye on my social channels for updates!
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